A COTA bus in downtown Columbus in May.
Ryan Hitchcock / WOSU

The Central Ohio Transit Authority expands services starting on Monday after limiting some lines and decreasing bus frequency at the beginning of the pandemic.

A COTA bus in downtown Columbus in May.
Ryan Hitchcock / WOSU

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission has released data on how the pandemic affected travel in the region.

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COTA has suspended fares for passengers for the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, while requesting customers limit all non-essential bus travel.

Sen. Sherrod Brown
Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

Two weeks after a deadly Pennsylvania crash that killed five people, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) continues to advocate for improved motorcoach safety.

Mac Connor and a senior mechanic inspect one of the buses at COTA.
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Some students like academic work and thrive in high school. For others, it’s a real drag.

One of those people is Mac Connor. When the 18-year-old talks about it, he does so in a short, matter-of-fact way.

A stop sign on a school bus.
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State lawmakers are looking at a bill that would hike the penalties for passing a school bus as it’s picking up or dropping off kids.

A COTA bus stop in downtown Columbus.
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People riding Central Ohio Transit Authority buses can now pay without cash, thanks to the launch of a new mobile payment option called "Connector."

A New Flyer Xcelsior bus seen at the 2008 American Public Transportation Association expo in San Diego, Calif.
The Port Authority / Wikimedia Commons

COTA has begun rolling out more environmentally-friendly New Flyer buses, which feature USB charging ports at every seats and better accomodations for riders with disabilities.

COTA And Free Public Transportation

Mar 4, 2019

Real estate developer and former longtime Central Ohio Transit Authority board member Bob Weiler has proposed that buses be fare free, spreading the burden with an increase in the county sales tax.

Today on All Sides, the prospect and possibility of free COTA rides

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Former COTA board member Bob Weiler wants to see the bus system become accessible to all riders without paying fare.

A COTA bus stop in downtown Columbus.
Adora Namigadde / WOSU

On a brisk winter day, passengers huddle outside the Linden Transit Center waiting to board their COTA bus. Riders swiped passes one by one and inserted change into the pay machines.

Public Transportation And Equality

Jan 24, 2019
COTA bus in downtown Columbus

Buses, trains, light rails and more.

Last year, Americans took about 10 billion trips on public transportation. According to the American Public Transportation Association, public transportation has increased across the country since the mid-90s.

Despite these increases, minorities and low-income communities still face hardships to accessing reliable and robust public transportation, which perpetuate economic hardships.

Coming up, the relationship between communities and public transportation


Adora Namigadde

Central Ohio may be investing heavily in driverless trucks, buses and cars, but the Columbus bus drivers’ union says autonomous buses shouldn't run without staff onboard.

If you ever have to travel a long distance — say, Washington, D.C., to Atlanta, Detroit to Chicago, San Francisco to Los Angeles — you might be stuck with only bad options: a flight from an airport with chronic delays that's hard to get to, or an Amtrak train ride that costs three times as much as a flight.

Well, now there's a new option on the horizon: a double-decker bus with pods for sleeping. It's called, simply, Cabin. It's an overnight service — like a red-eye — designed for people who love going places, but hate being in transit.