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buckeye firearms association

A gun safety group has resubmitted petition language that would call for the Ohio General Assembly to pass a bill that would expand background checks for guns purchased online and at gun shows.

Elaine Thompson / Associated Press

Gun rights advocates say a proposal to require nearly all gun sales and transfers to go through federally licensed dealers and to require buyers to undergo background checks won’t have much of an effect on crime.

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Ohio pro-gun groups filed a lawsuit Thursday against Columbus and Cincinnati, hoping to overturn recently passed gun control measures.

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One of the most controversial bills moving through the Ohio Statehouse is the so-called “Stand Your Ground” bill. Pro-gun groups support the legislation, which removes the requirement to try and retreat before taking lethal action.

Members of the group, "Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America" gathered at the Statehouse.
Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio

As America grappled with another mass shooting on Tuesday, Ohio lawmakers debated the latest bill to expand gun owner rights. The usual arguments were made by both sides, but there was talk of possibly finding middle ground on the issue in the wake of comments by Ohio Gov. John Kasich.


Some Ohio gun groups are coming out against proposed bans on “bump stocks,” the gun accessory used by the Las Vegas mass shooter to turn semi-automatic rifles into rapid-fire automatic weapons.

An educator prepare to enter the shoot house, which is meant to simulate a hallway, doors and corners of a school.
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As the school year comes to a close, some Ohio teachers will be spending part of their summer break training for next fall.

They’re preparing in case of an active shooter in their schools. But this time around, teachers aren't learning to barricade doors or counter a shooter with distractions. 

Illegal Weapons and Terrorism

May 18, 2010

Proposals to make it more difficult for terrorists and criminals to obtain illegal fire arms and weapons, with City of New York first deputy criminal justice coordinator/special advisor to the Mayor Arkadi Gerney, City of Columbus police chief Walter Distelzweig and Buckeye Firearms association legislative chair Ken Hanson.