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Wendy's headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.
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Wendy's said Monday it's relaunching breakfast across the U.S. next year, the latest fast-food chain to amp up its offerings as more consumers eat out in the morning.

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A report published by the Children’s Hunger Alliance earlier this month found that Newark City Schools more than doubled the participation in their free breakfast program in three years, from 33 percent participation to 70 percent.


There is new evidence suggesting that breakfast may not be "the most important meal of the day," as was previously held to be conventional wisdom. And, The Biggest Loser has been under scrutiny since it was discovered some contestants had trouble keeping off the weight they lost on the show. This hour, two former contestants share how they have been able to keep the weight off. Also, depression is commonly treated with antidepressants, but there may be other natural, alternative solutions to help.