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boys and girls club

Dashawn Hodge found his first job through the Boys and Girls Club's Summer Work Program.
Leticia Wiggins / WOSU

Dashawn Hodge is just a normal 14-year-old boy who hates cutting the grass.

“My mom told me when I get home, I gotta cut the grass,” he says. “I looked at her like, ‘No, I can’t cut the grass!”

Columbus Division of Police

About a dozen teens from the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus met on Tuesday evening with a group of Columbus Police officers, including Chief Kim Jacobs. The pretext for the event: a teen-led dialogue with law enforcement.

Mentorship Programs

Feb 23, 2017
Navy sailor providing homework help
Jennifer R. Hudson / United States Navy

Studies have shown that disadvantaged teens who participate in mentorship programs are much more likely to succeed later in life than those who don't, but it can often be a struggle to match young mentees with adult mentors. In Columbus, organizations and individuals are working to connect these two groups in creative ways. Today we'll discuss how mentorship programs are impacting young people in Columbus with a panel of guests.