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This tax season, the state of Ohio is no longer accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment from businesses. Ohio's attorney general is making it clear that he's firmly against the idea of bringing back cryptocurrency as a way to pay taxes.

A new Akron startup wants to create a community of people interested in learning about crypto-currency.

Former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel speaking.
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Resuming Ohio's attempt to allow cryptocurrency in certain tax payments is up in the air after the state's top lawyer found a Bitcoin program launched by the former state treasurer was illegal.

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After less than a year and a handful of transactions, the website that was allowing Ohioans to pay taxes in bitcoin has been shut down by state treasurer Robert Sprague.

A window display at the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland this past December.
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Try making a list of the things that the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin can be used for, and a few uses may spring to mind: some merchants accept it as payment, some investors trade it and, sometimes, Bitcoin is even used as the preferred form of ransom for cyber-criminals.

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The state has been allowing people to pay 23 kinds of taxes in the digital currency bitcoin for almost three months, in an effort to establish Ohio as a leader in blockchain technology.


Ohio will become the first state in the U.S. to permit taxes to be paid in bitcoin. Companies from around the state are now able to use cryptocurrency to pay a variety of taxes, from tobacco sales to public utilities.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency to be accepted by the state.

Today on All Sides, Ohio accepting bitcoin for tax payments, net neutrality status and more.

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Ohio is now the first in the country to allow cryptocurrency payments from businesses paying 23 kinds of taxes, including sales tax.

An effort is underway in Cleveland to rebrand the city as a national tech hub.

The Blockland initiative hopes to develop a local economy based on blockchain technology — the software behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But it's a challenge for a city that has more of a manufacturing heritage than a technology one.

Believeland was Cleveland's catch-phrase when, in 2016, LeBron James and the Cavaliers delivered the city's first sports championship in half a century.

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