Tech Tuesday: Year End Review

Jan 2, 2018
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Join us for a look back at the biggest developments, news and scandals in tech in 2017. Also get a look at what could be big for tech in 2018.

Bitcoin enthusiasts took what could be the first step Tuesday toward teaching some Tri-state residents about cryptocurrency. CPROP co-founder Adam Koehler and organizer of the "Day for Crypto Conference" hopes this helps position the area as an expert in this technology.

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This week on Tech Tuesday, we'll discuss the recent uptick in Bitcoin's value and volatility and what that means for the future of the cryptocurrency. Then, navigating social media can come with a number of psychological and behavioral pitfalls in its design and use. Author Guy Harrison offers critical thinking strategies to resist misinformation and manipulation online.

Tech Tuesday: Bitcoin Woes, iPhone X and Driverless Cars

Oct 31, 2017
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Automation is coming to the road ways soon. Get a look at how driverless cars are developed using virtual reality. Also hear an epic story about technology, human error and a fortune of money. Finally iPhone X and Amazon Key have consumers buzzing, find out why.

Tech Tuesday: America’s views on Privacy & Bitcoin

May 26, 2015
Bitcoin over circuit board
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A recent survey by the PEW research center has revealed that Americans are more concerned than ever about the need to protect their privacy online. Plus, the digital currency Bitcoin is gaining wider acceptance as a legitimate alternative currency.

11:00 Google Fiber wants to bring low-cost, high-speed internet to certain cities around the US. But many local governments are racing to install fiber-optic networks themselves, ahead of the tech giant. We'll get an update this hour. We'll also discuss the rise of many crypto-currencies that are gaining legitimacy, and get the latest in gadgetry.


11:00 Oh, what will become of us? Futurist magazine recently chose its 10 most important global predictions, and if you like passenger pigeons and global warming, you're in luck. This hour we'll get the rest of the list, and talk about which of them is most likely to befall us. We'll also get the latest on the shutdown of Silk Road, an infamous online black market, and the newest  trends in the world of gadgets. Guests

11:00 If the brain had a motto, it might be: Use it or lose it. Connections that aren't relevant  fall away to make room for new ones. But dead links on the internet just slow things down. This hour, we'll look at improving the quality, not quantity, of the web. We'll also learn about an effort to regulate Bitcoin, and we'll get the latest in gadgetry. Guests

11:00 What did we do before the internet? Does anyone even remember? In this hour of Tech Tuesday, we'll talk with a journalist who spent a year offline about navigating by map, reading paper books, and the web-free life that delighted and disappointed him. Then we'll get the lowdown on Bitcoin, the digital currency whose creators want to revolutionize global finance. Finally, our Gadget Guru shares his latest picks.   Guests