Jhuma Natha Achayra
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Jhuma Nath Achayra had never heard the word “refugee” until he and his family were forced from their homeland in Bhutan. They found themselves part of the Bhutanese refugee crisis, during which over 100,000 people were expelled from the country in the early '90s. 

As part of StoryCorps COLUMBUS, Achayra recalled his journey from Bhutan to the United States—what it meant to lose one home, and gain a second chance to find another.

Bhuwan Pyakurel was elected Tuesday to Reynoldsburg City Council, making him the nation's first Nepali-Bhutanese elected official.
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A bell softly chimes as a couple opens the door of Annapurna International Grocery in Reynoldsburg. It’s a popular grocery-shopping destination for the city’s Nepali-Bhutanese population.

Ohio Museums Share Ideas for Inclusivity

Apr 15, 2019

Many museums across the state and nation are working to better serve people who historically have not been visiting or feeling welcome.

“Becoming an inclusive, diverse and accessible space is not something that can be achieved by a single program or exhibit,” said Johnna McEntee, executive director of the Ohio Museums Association.

Tara Acharya is one of the state's few Nepali interpreters, an in-demand role for the state with the largest concentration of Nepalese-Bhutanese refugees.
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Judge Andrea Peeples says having an honest interpreter is crucial. She recalls a case she heard when she first hit the bench, during which a brother was interpreting for his sister.

Bhutanese Nepali Community of Columbus awards ceremony.
Bhutanese Nepali Community of Columbus

Columbus City Council votes Monday on whether to give the Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio a $45,000 grant meant to fill a gap in federal funding.

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Both of Summit County’s resettlement agencies are likely to survive the Trump administration’s latest restructuring of refugee efforts nationwide. But they’re also dealing with major changes in numbers, policy and expectations.