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Nick Marusich (left) and Courtney Meier.
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Battelle scientists are in the midst of the three-decade scientific mapping effort that became fully operational this year. The company showed off the tools of the trade Tuesday at the Ohio State University Airport.

Legal Marijuana Oregon
Gosia Wozniacka / Associated Press

More processing and testing facilities for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana program have been given provisional permits to proceed with their plans.

Wagenbrenner Development

A piece of prime real estate near the Ohio State University campus is set to become a mix of apartments, houses and offices.


Columbus-based Battelle is helping federal officials prepare for a potential radiological, or “dirty bomb” terrorist attack in a U.S. city.


From the telegraph to the airplane to the internet, America has long been a wellspring of innovation. But, for over 200 years, one investor in particular has funded trillions of dollars in defense, manufacturing and biotech projects: The US government.  Coming up, we’ll look at the government’s role in industry, and talk with a guest who proposes a New American System.