Barbara Sears

The director of Ohio's Medicaid Department, Barbara Sears, stopped in Cincinnati Tuesday to talk about a recently released study on the benefits of Medicaid expansion in the state.

pharmacy technician counts pills
Bobby Jones / U.S. Air Force

Ohio Medicaid is telling its five managed care plans to sever their contracts with two pharmacy benefits managers and to work up new deals by the beginning of the year. It’s a sudden change for the agency.

Ohio Department of Medicaid Director Barbara Sears (right) walking with Office of Health Transformation Director Greg Moody (middle) and Gov. John Kasich (left).
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

An argument is brewing in the race to become Ohio’s next governor. Medicaid expansion has been a crucial topic in the campaign with both candidates, Mike DeWine and Rich Cordray, taking different approaches to the issue. One piece of the debate is over whether the expansion is sustainable.

Lawmakers Leaving Office After Leaving Mark On Legislature

Aug 9, 2016
WOSU composite

The first openly-gay man to serve in the Ohio Legislature and one of the few Ohio Republicans to support expanding the state's Medicaid program are leaving their positions as state lawmakers.