When asked if he could imagine a college party where everyone is wearing masks, Jacques du Passage, a sophomore at Louisiana State University, laughs.

"No. I don't think they would do that," he says. "I think [students] would just have the party and then face the repercussions."

That's exactly what Apramay Mishra, student body president at the University of Kansas, is worried about when it comes to reopening campus amid the pandemic. "Right now it's kind of slipped from most people's minds," he says. Students "don't really think it's a big deal."

State leaders are urging people around Ohio to avoid large crowds and to do whatever they can to prevent the spread of germs, calling this a critical moment to stem the increase in coronavirus cases.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Mar 2, 2020
Student athletes competing in track and field.
Vladislav Vasnetsov / Pexels

Transgender women and girls would be barred from competing in female-only high school and college sports under a bill announced last week in the Ohio House.

Too much physical exertion appears to make the brain tired.

That's the conclusion of a study of triathletes published Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

Researchers found that after several weeks of overtraining, athletes became more likely to choose immediate gratification over long-term rewards. At the same time, brain scans showed the athletes had decreased activity in an area of the brain involved in decision-making.

Clare Roth / WOSU

After most classes at Otterbein University let out for the day, students hit the treadmills and weight machines in the Clements Recreation center on the north end of campus. Upstairs in a classroom, though, the women of the school’s softball team sit still in their chairs, listening to Jill Davis teach a different sort of class.

Sexual Assault in Sports

Jan 24, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

The Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal has rocked the amateur sports world. Over 100 women have accused the former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor of sexually assaulting them, under the guise of medical treatment.

We'll take a look at the occurrence of sexual assault in sports and what is being done to prevent predators from victimizing athletes. 

Hazing on College Campuses

Oct 13, 2017
laura larose / flickr

Hazing has been part of the fabric of college life for centuries. Yet, year after year, incidents emerge where young people take these acts too far, sometimes to deadly results. Today, we examine the outlook of hazing on college campuses and their Greek life communities.

Public Financing of Sports Arenas

Dec 18, 2013

10:00 If you build it, they will come? Not so fast. Sports arenas like the Staples Center in LA can be enormously lucrative, but there are plenty that lose millions of dollars every year. This hour we'll talk about the financial prospects for  Columbus' Nationwide Arena, who's paying for it, and if sports complexes have the right to play ball with public money. Guests

11:00... The Ohio State football program is undergoing NCAA investigation and reeling from the resignation of former football head coach Jim Tressel. This is all the result of various football players’ inability to comply with NCAA rules. Now what’s in question is the system that monitors this athletic compliance. We'll discuss the future of the athletic compliance office at OSU and what this means for college athletic departments in general.

The Ohio State University is one of the world's largest universities and a prominent land-grant institution. We'll talk this hour about the rich and tradition ridden history of this institution, as we explore stories of campus buildings, student life, traditions, athletics and more. Join us for a discussion focused on Buckeye pride, with the author of the first one-volume history of the University to appear in more than fifty years. Thank you gifts for your donations: