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asian carp

Lake Erie advocates are hoping a proposed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project in Illinois will block invasive carp species from entering the Great Lakes — but they’re watching to see how officials will pay for it.

Representatives of several Great Lakes and environmental groups met Sept. 4 in Perry to talk with Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) about protecting the lake.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Invasive Asian Carp may pose a greater threat to the Great Lakes than previously feared, according to a new report from the University of Michigan.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Ohio has partnered with two other states and the province of Ontario to develop a plan to block species of Asian carp from getting into the Great Lakes.


Researchers recently announced the discovery of over 7,000 grass carp eggs in a Lake Erie tributary. The good news? This isn’t the Asian carp species we’re trying to prevent from entering the Great Lakes.

The bad news? Grass carp pose a different threat. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed spending $275 million to upgrade defenses against an invading force. The enemy? A fish. Specifically, Asian carp that are threatening to break through to the Great Lakes.

Fish and the Health of the Great Lakes

Mar 13, 2017
Asian Carp
Chris Young / Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Asian carp pose one of the greatest threats to Lake Erie's ecosystem.  These invasive fish would displace prized native species, such as walleye and rainbow trout.  

Now,  the Trump Administration's EPA budget cuts will halt a plan to prevent species of Asian carp from entering Lake Erie.

Join us as we discuss fish and the health of the Great Lakes.   

Asian Carp Threaten Great Lakes

Jul 13, 2010

A discussion about the Asian carp threatening the Great Lakes, with Ohio Sea Grant College Program/Stone Laboratory assistant director Eugene Braig Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife Fisheries Program administrator John Navarro and Great Lakes Commission executive director Tim Eder.