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Artificial Intelligence

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A Columbus-based startup is expanding its technology to bring artificial intelligence into the health care industry.

Tech Tuesday: Facebook Faces Congress

Apr 10, 2018
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While originally thought to have impacted 50 million users, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal has now been shown to have impacted over 86 million users. Creator Mark Zuckerberg is set to speak in front of Congress this week in the wake of the scandal.

Today we discuss the road ahead for Zuckerberg, the legislative side of artificial intelligence, and the specs of the new iPhone 8.

Computer technology is expanding at a dizzying pace.  Things that seemed like science fiction a few years ago – from artificial intelligence to cryptocurrencies - are now common place.

It’s a bewildering landscape – but in this week’s Exploradio, we follow the thread of a new computer technology from the desktop to deep space.

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Advancements in artificial intelligence could potentially lead to more cyber threats in the future. Drones, self-driving cars, and surveillance systems could be targets of malicious AI technology. We'll take a look at these threats and what experts suggest to prevent them. 

Also, we'll look at the effects violent video games can have on young minds.

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Advancements in artificial intelligence have led to applications within surveillance systems.  Startups have begun to integrate AI technology in CCTV, in an effort to better organize and locate video files. We'll look at the pros and cons of AI in surveillance. 

Also, a look at digital screen addiction and how to curb an obsession with our devices. 

Xavier University is hosting pharmaceutical and computer companies Thursday and Friday for a conference that will focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

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Allegations of sexual harassment in silicon valley have led to a string of high-profile resignations and firings. But the overarching problem of sexism affects everything from seed money for start ups to who gets the corner office. Coming up, the impact of sexism in Silicon Valley. 

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Many emerging technologies are implementing machine learning to get large tasks done without having to program specifically for those tasks.

This is a problem when the data used to "teach" a machine has a blind spot, or contains bias. When that data is pulled from the internet, it will almost certainly contain bias unless it is corrected by programmers. This can cause the output of programs using machine learning to have racial, gender and other biases commonly found on the internet.

Visitors interact with the mobile, dexterous, social (MDS) robot Octavia at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) exhibit during Fleet Week New York 2010.
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In the age of artificial intelligence, some wonder how we will teach robots to act ethically and with human morals. One philosopher equates teaching machines how to make moral decisions to parenting, but one day if machines advance beyond humans they could be the ones to teach us better ethics. Join us today as we discuss this, Facebook's technology innovations and Google's idea to be able to paste text on devices without copying first.

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Coming up, how the use of artificial intelligence could be applied to the Stock Market and what it could potentially accomplish. Also, why more than 11 million young people have left Facebook since 2011 and what other social platforms they are turning to instead. And this hour, the latest in tech news such as the advancements of Amazon's voice command system, Echo, and what iPhone users should know about fixing their devices when broken. 

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The Department of Justice issued a new policy that now requires a search warrant before cell phone data is collected using cell-site simulators, a form of surveillance technology that secretly tracks mobile devices. Plus, how human skills will remain relevant in the workplace despite advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Artificial Intelligence
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Computers that can not only analyze our language but fully comprehend it, learn it, and act on it. A field of AI research called Deep Learning is evolving as we speak and hopes to make that fiction a reality.

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It's the norm now to hear stories about a robot that can play soccer or answer trivia questions, but can we really bridge the gap between "brain-like" components and the human brain? This hour we'll talk about the trajectory of artificial intelligence, what advancements we've made, and the technology that will form the basis of a brave new world.