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Artifical Intelligence


President Trump has signed an executive order calling on the federal government to prioritize artificial intelligence research and development.

The “American AI Initiative” also calls for technical standards to promote safe use of the technology and workforce training.

However, the executive order didn’t commit any funding or dollar amounts to this work.

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Tech Tuesday: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality

Oct 9, 2018
Artificial Intelligence
geralt / Pixabay

Artificial Intelligence, or Al, is changing the way we think about news and technology. A newly developed software using audio clips to create fake video renderings was debuted last year.

Then, earlier this year, comedian Jordan Peele teamed up with BuzzFeed to create a video, using this AI program, of President Barack Obama making some implausible comments.

The video highlights concerns concerned the capabilities of AI, and what this could mean for the recurring topic of “fake news.”

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What we commonly know as "gay-dar" or the ability to determine someone's sexuality based off appearance has been actualized by a new artificial intelligence program. Hear more about the development. Also up today, the internet's complex relationship with terrorist groups.

Tech Tuesday: Year in Review

Dec 20, 2016
TheDigitalWay / pixabay

This year one of the biggest tech issues facing both the government and private citizens was cybersecurity. Today we'll discuss the DNC hacking, the Note 7 failure and the future of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. 

Creative Tools / Flickr

A few years ago 3-D printers were consistently making headlines as a revolutionary new technology. Now it seems the buzz surrounding the printers has all but died down. Today we'll discuss the 3D printing's past and present, as well as artificial intelligence in journalism, and tech gifts for teenagers.