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44 Pages And 71 Years Of Highlights Magazine

Aug 29, 2017

More than 70 years ago, the most popular children's magazine in the world was born: Highlights. A new documentary explores how the edu-tainment company has grown. Plus we’ll take a look at how childhood learning has evolved from paper to digital.

Lexie Flickinger / Flickr

Twitter just celebrated its 10 year anniversary and with this milestone, we're looking at Twitter's successes and setbacks over the years. And, with many school children's spring break just around the corner, we'll explore what kinds of apps are worthwhile and educational for kids to be playing on. Also, Apple has released it's new iPhone today, along with other product line updates. 

11:00 As a kid, family game night probably meant finding a place on the floor to spread out Twister. But there are hundreds of game apps that require only a tablet or smartphone, and a little discernment. We'll tell you which ones are family-friendly. We'll also learn how the NSA imperiled the internet as a whole, and get the latest from the CES conference. Guests