Dancing with Autism

Nov 12, 2015

One in 68 children in America are diagnosed with autism. Take the anxiety that autistic children have about communicating and mix it with highly social events like prom and imagine how daunting this experience might seem. A new film captures the social struggles adolescents with autism face and offers a humanizing look at the resilience of these young adults as they prepare for prom.

Wellness Wednesday: Weight Gain After 50, Work Stress

Aug 19, 2015

By many accounts, Americans work too much. A recent study found that over half haven't taken a vacation in the last 12 months. However, job-related stress and the pressure to perform could potentially lead to a host of mental and health problems. 

11:00 In the winter, it can be hard to kickstart your car's engine. But if you've tried to get out of bed on a January morning, you've probably had trouble kickstarting yourself. This hour we'll talk about how to fill your body with nutritional high-test. We'll also learn how to help kids with anxiety and depression, and more on the rollout of Obamacare. Guests

11:00 Circumcision is a delicate procedure, and a delicate topic of conversation. For some, it's an important tradition; for others, a form of mutilation. This hour we'll examine its declining rates in the US. We'll also talk about a newly found interaction between our immune systems and our psychology, and get a guide to the health care exchange marketplace. Guests

The Science of Anxiety and Fear

Jan 5, 2012

10:00 Everyone reacts to a scary movie in a different way... Some are thrilled by the adrenaline and don't want it to end, others close their eyes and want to cower in a corner until it's over. Either way, people feel anxiety, pressure and fear in different situations throughout their lives. Author Taylor Clark will be on "All Sides" today to explore the science behind simple human reactions to these emotions. Guest