Antoine Clark


I’ve set up an e-mail chain with friends, several of whom are active in the arts in the Columbus area. We check in, visit, and compare books, movies, problems, music, challenges. Very little seems to be off the table so far.

If you would like to be included, you’d be welcome. Leave a message on this blog.

Here’s how some of our arts partners are meeting the challenges we all have today:

Antoine Clark, Conductor, McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra

photo of Antoine Clark conducting the McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra
Ronald Hoehn /

Music in Mid-Ohio presents locally produced concerts on Classical 101, Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m..

photo of Antoine Clark conducting the McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra
Ronald Hoehn /

Columbus conductor and clarinetist Antoine Clark wants women musicians and musicians of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to be heard.

Jack Gramann

You might be used to hearing tubas doing oom-pahs down in the basement of the musical range. But the world premiere of Columbus composer and tubist Tony Zilincik’s Tuba Concerto on Sunday afternoon might instead have you looking up at the stars.

Earlier this year, Classical 101 and the Columbus Museum of Art collaborated for Portraits of Langston, a program featuring music by composers Valerie Coleman and William Grant Still. This weekend, Classical 101 is broadcasting some highlights from that concert.

Two poets and a composer walk into a radio studio. Nope, not the setup for a silly joke — but instead for an intriguing conversation among local artists about creating art.

Monday afternoon Columbus composer Jacob Reed and Thomas Worthington High School student poet Nat Hickman joined me in the Classical 101 studios for a conversation about writing poetry and music inspired by poetry.

Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington Facebook page

One of the many joys of this job is seeing locally based talent grow to become a thriving entity. Such is the case with Antoine Clark, a young clarinetist and conductor who holds a doctorate in musical arts from Ohio State University.

Five years ago, Clark formed the McConnell Arts Center Chamber Orchestra. The chamber orchestra is now entering its fifth season, in residence at the eponymous performing arts venue in Worthington.

The wonderful Antoine Clark is a Columbus based clarinetist, teacher and conductor. Antoine recently took some time out of a ferociously busy schedule to help me with a series of podcasts on African-American conductors.

Here's another in a series of podcasts on the lives and careers of African-American conductors.