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The original story behind the Masterpiece Cakeshop case is both undisputed and well known: a gay couple in Colorado walked into the bakery in 2012 and asked for wedding cake. The owner and master baker Jack Phillips declined to make a custom cake for their party because he said their union violated his religious beliefs.

The couple filed a complaint with the state's civil rights commission, which found Phillips was violating the state's anti-discrimination laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating against LGBTQ people.

Ohio State

A new report from the Human Rights Campaign ranks Ohio among the worst states for LGBTQ equality.

DeWine Signs Executive Orders On Drugs, Discrimination

Jan 14, 2019
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks before signing his first executive action alongside his wife Fran, Monday, Jan. 14, 2019, in Cedarville, Ohio. The former U.S. senator took his oath in a private midnight ceremony at his Cedarville home ahead of a public inaug
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New Republican Gov. Mike DeWine didn't waste any time putting his stamp on the state on Monday morning just after midnight. DeWine signed six executive orders immediately after signing the oath of office inside a packed farmhouse across the drive from his main home in Cedarville.

Surrounded by family and friends on his farm in Cedarville, Mike DeWine took the oath of office to become the 64th person to serve as Ohio Governor.

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LGBTQ advocates are cautiously optimistic about the future of an executive order signed by Gov. John Kasich that bars discrimination against transgender state employees.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaking at The City Club of Cleveland, in Cleveland on Dec. 4, 2018.
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In an executive order, Gov. John Kasich has added "gender identity" into protections against discrimination for state employees, but those protections might not last very long.

Stonewall Columbus

Columbus once again scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s annual rating of cities on LGBTQ inclusion.

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Cuyahoga County council members will soon decide whether to approve legislation that adds legal protections for LGBTQ residents.

Pakistan's parliament passed a landmark bill on Tuesday that gives the country's transgender citizens fundamental rights.

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act allows people to choose their gender and to have that identity recognized on official documents, including national IDs, passports and driver's licenses. The bill prohibits discrimination in schools, at work, on public modes of transit and while receiving medical care.

Columbus skyline at dusk
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Business groups are calling on lawmakers to pass a bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes in discrimination laws. The coalition of companies sees added benefits going beyond civil rights.

Amazon distribution center in Groveport, Ohio.

An LGBT right's campaign says Amazon shouldn't build its second headquarters in Columbus, because Ohio has no laws that protect LGBT workers from discrimination.

The bill to protect LGBTQ people from housing and employment discrimination is expected to take a big step as a committee prepares to hear from a major supporter - the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. The bill also seems to be getting support from the top House leader.

Stonewall Columbus

Ohio is one of the nation’s leading states when it comes to equal treatment in the workplace in terms of sexual identity, according to a new report.

Columbus skyline at dusk
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A group of Ohio businesses is working together to promote nondiscrimination against LGBTQ employees. More than 200 businesses have signed on, including a number in Central Ohio.

A bill that would ban discrimination in housing or employment based on sexual gender or identity has been introduced in the legislature. And it’s not the first time.