Angela Davis

Ann B. Walker and Julialynne Walker
storycorps / WOSU

Ann B. Walker worked as a radio host, journalist, editor and columnist in Columbus for decades. She is a woman of many firsts: the first woman in broadcast management at WLWC-TV in Columbus, the very first female broadcaster to report on the Ohio legislature, and the first black woman from Franklin County given a White House appointment.

Ann spoke to her daughter Julialynne about the interview she believes led to her position as Media Director for the Community Services Agency under President Jimmy Carter.

The new Four Women album by Columbus cello quartet UCelli
UCelli / Facebook

A new recording for the Columbus-based cello quartet UCelli spotlights the accomplishments of four historic women. 

UCelli's new album Four Women is Mark Lomax II's musical biography of four black women who fought for social justice and equal rights. It pays tribute Nzinga, Queen of Angola (1583-1663) Ida B. Wells Barnett (1862-1931) Angela Davis (born 1944) and Cimada Ngozi Adichie.