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AEP Will Send Customers Some Savings From Federal Tax Cut

Oct 4, 2018
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Ohio utility regulators have approved an agreement returning proceeds of the federal tax cut to customers of Columbus-based AEP.

Jesse Owens
Ohio State University

A legendary Olympian and Ohioan Jesse Owens will be honored with his own state park on Tuesday.

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Ohio utility regulators have set votes on two proposed energy deals that have drawn national attention from consumer, business, energy and environmental groups.

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Ohio utility regulators are nearing decisions on two proposed energy deals that have sparked fierce debate among consumer, business and environmental advocates.

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Two proposed power agreements in Ohio are seeing a pushback campaign organized by alternative energy supporters. The Alliance for Energy Choice says nearly 55,000 emails have been sent to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Gov. John Kasich's office and state legislators over the past two weeks. 

Opponents Of AEP, Sierra Club Deal Win Appeal For Depositions

Jan 5, 2016
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State utility regulators are weighing a compromise between American Electric Power, some other energy companies, and the Sierra Club. The deal would let AEP charge customers more in exchange for closing some coal-fired power plants over the next 15 years. Critics of the deal were handed a legal victory on Monday.

Protesters Target Columbus Company Headquarters

Mar 1, 2012

A group of protesters today targeted American Electric Power headquarters in downtown Columbus alleging AEP failed to pay federal taxes for recent years. The company calls the allegations "unfair and inaccurate." About a dozen members of the group called "Fight For A Fair Economy," carried signs and chanted slogans during a sidewalk protest in front of A-E-P headquarters at Long and Marconi.

Explained: Why Your Neighbors Get Power Back First

Feb 4, 2011

This week's ice storm left more than 100,000 people without power in Franklin County. While 99 percent has been restored, some of your neighbors still may be in the dark. WOSU reports the possibility - or lack thereof - of a better power distribution system.

It's been going on for years: the electricity goes out on your street and one side of the street gets back power, sometimes days, before the other side. Or maybe your neighbor never lost power.

Is there a way AEP could ensure customers on an entire street get power back all at once?

The short answer: no.

AEP's First Quarter Profit Drops 4 Percent

Apr 29, 2010

American Electric Power says its first-quarter profit dropped 4 percent as the lingering effects of the recession continue to hurt demand for electricity.

AEP, one of the nation's largest power companies, said Thursday that it made $344 million, or 72 cents share, for the quarter ended March 31. It earned $360 million, or 89 cents per share, in the year-ago quarter. Without one-time charges the company would have made $365 million, or 76 cents per share, in the latest quarter.

The average electric bill in Central Ohio is $96 per month. Based on this average, with the new rates, customers will see their bills increase to approximately $109 per month - a $13 increase.

This is too much, says Ohio Consumers Council Janine Migden-Ostrander, "We're talking about very high increases for customers that we do not think are justified and are not based on cost of service."

American Electric Power customers can expect bigger electricity bills this year. The Public Utilities Commission approved rate hikes, but the Ohio Consumers Council takes issue with part of the increases.

The Council is concerned that the PUCO is allowing AEP to charge extra for electricity already used, says spokesperson Anthony Rodriguez, "They are allowing AEP's new approved rates to be charged to customers for January and February, which we believe is unlawful."

High Prices For Scrap Metal Causes Headaches For Utility Company

Aug 21, 2006

Scrap copper prices today topped $3.50 per pound on the New York Mercantile Exchange. While the higher price can be good news for metal recyclers, its lead to problems for one of Columbus' largest companies. Now,American Electric Power wants its customers to keep an eye out for metal thieves. The company says high prices for scrap copper and aluminum is prompting more thefts from A-E-P sub-stations and other facilities.

American Electric Power says it is surprised a federal agency filed a lawsuit against the company alledging the utility manipulated natural gas prices to make millions of dollars.

In a statement AEP says it is cooperating with the Commodity Futures Trading Comission and hopes to reach a settlement.

Last year, AEP fired five employees who the company says submitted innacurate gas trading information to trade publications. AEP says it has no indication that any current employees were involved in the activities.