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Ohio Regulators Give Green Light For New Solar Farms

Feb 16, 2018
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Ohio officials have approved permits for what would be the two largest solar arrays in the state.

State Panels Recommends Indefinite Suspension Of Green Energy Standards

Oct 1, 2015
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Ohio lawmakers have dealt another blow to the green energy industry and the state’s policies to encourage its use.

Fracking Expansion in Ohio

Jul 8, 2014


Natural gas production in Ohio nearly doubled between 2012 and 2013. Proponents of fracking say it's a plentiful and cheap energy source, but some worry about its links to fish kills, earthquakes, and poor water quality. This hour, we'll examine the expansion of fracking in Ohio, and its possible economic and public health consequences.


Ohio's Energy Present and Future

May 29, 2014

10 am New legislation in Ohio has put a "freeze" on the state's green energy standards. Today on the show we talk about that legislation and what it means for Ohio's energy future. Guests:

Making a Switch: The Future of Energy

Oct 31, 2013

11:00 We know the energy picture is going to change, but we don’t yet know how that will happen and what we’ll be left with to power our world in the future. The global need for alternative energy is on the rise, and this hour we'll learn about the sustainability of current sources, and the challenges and prospects for the future. Guests

Green Energy's Past and Future

Feb 25, 2013

10:00 It's easy to view the evolution from  horse-drawn carriage to jetliner as a straight line of increasing energy consumption, but Atlantic editor Alexis Magrigal tells us that's not the case. In this hour, Madrigal will discuss his book, Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology, in which he investigates why so many alternative energy projects have been abandoned, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Guests

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ohio's democratic Governor Ted Strickland unveiled his new energy policy. Now some democrats in the Ohio legislature have a plan of their own. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports, their plan is more ambitious.

Changes Suggested for Governor's Alternative Energy Plan

Aug 31, 2007

Governor Ted Strickland's proposal to boost alternative energy in Ohio is only a few days old. Already, changes are being proposed. The calls are coming not just from environmental activists but also from key Republican legislators who dominate the legislature. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.