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The Allen County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested 19-year-old Tristan Ascura of Lima early Thursday for threatening to shoot up a Northwest Ohio high school.

Allen County Sheriff's Office

The interim sheriff in Lima’s Allen County has died. The death of Jimmy Everett comes less than a week after he was appointed. 

A Texting Ban in Ohio?

Jul 18, 2011

Texting while driving can distract drivers.  Ohio is considering a statewide texting ban -  The Ohio House has already approved a measure, but the State Senate isn’t expected to take up the issue until fall. 34 states have already banned texting while driving. Today on All Sides we’ll talk about whether bans work in decreasing accidents on the road.  Some studies have been conducted, but are they conclusive? Should other activities be banned while driving like using a cellphone, eating and drinking, or programming a GPS system.   Aren’t they just as distractive?