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All Sides Weekend

All Sides Weekend Books

Aug 16, 2019
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Join host Christopher Purdy as we talk about the best books of the summer, quick picks and Kristen Lepioka's new novel, "The Stories You Tell."


All Sides Weekend: Books

Jun 14, 2019
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Join guest host Christopher Purdy and guests in a discussion of the Columbus Metropolitan Library's "Quick Picks" and more. 

Columbus Southern Theatre looking out at the seating area from the stage
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Join All Sides Weekend guest host Christopher Purdy for a discussion on arts in Columbus and the Columbus Symphony.

All Sides Weekend Books

Apr 12, 2019
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Join guest host Christopher Purdy for Columbus Metropolitan Library’s latest quick picks and more.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Apr 5, 2019

Ice cream. Baked goods. Fresh fish. Vegetables. 

You can get all these and more at the North Market, which has served Central Ohio in one form or another since 1876. And you’ll be able to get more with a second location set to open next year. 

Today on All Sides Chefs in the City, the North Market.

All Sides Weekend: Politics and Comedy

Mar 15, 2019

We’re talking about Politics and Comedy with Clare Roth on All Sides Weekend.  

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Feb 1, 2019
restaurant kitchen
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Cameron Mitchell, owner and founder of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, celebrates 25 years in business with the release of his tell-all book, “The Answer Is Yes! What Is The Question?”

The Columbus-native tells his story of growing up in Upper Arlington, opening a restaurant in Manhattan, and his business journey.

Today on All Sides Weekend Chefs in the City, Cameron Mitchell, a quarter century in the restaurant business, and more.

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It’s a new year and that means another wave of new restaurants are set to open in Columbus over the next 12 months.  But it also means saying farewell to the eateries we lost in 2018.  Today on All Sides Weekend Chefs in the City, what’s gone, what has opened and where the Columbus food scene is headed. 

All Sides Weekend: Board Games Make A Comeback

Nov 16, 2018
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Tabletop and board games, from Dungeons and Dragons to Monopoly, have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Today on All Sides Weekend with host Clare Roth, we discuss why we love them, even in the digital age.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Nov 2, 2018
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Asian and Asian-inspired foods are growing in popularity in Columbus. Not the least among those eateries is Momo Ghar. Since opening in 2016 in the Saraga International Grocery on Morse Road, Momo Ghar has quickly become one of Columbus’ most popular food destinations.   The homemade authentic Nepali and Tibetan style dumplings have garnered widespread attention. Voted the best restaurant in Columbus on Yelp, Momo Ghar was featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” on the Food Network.  Join us for All Sides Weekend Chefs in the City to talk about the Asian food influence and Momo Ghar.  

Chefs in the City: Columbus as a Test Kitchen

Aug 24, 2018
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Columbus has long been a hub for new restaurant chains hoping to test out a wide market.

Multiple chains got started in the capital city Wendy’s, White Castle, Donato’s, and Rooster’s.

Today on All Sides, we discuss the upcoming class of entrepreneurs, and how Columbus is a testing ground for new restaurants. 


The Cultural Impact of Star Wars

Aug 17, 2018
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Star Wars has been a cultural force since the first trilogy began in 1977. Fans have been clamoring for more material and, in the long absences between films, they have created their own. 

The Columbus Museum of Art is displaying some of this art for the final weekend in an exhibit called "Force of Fandom".

Join guest host Clare Roth as she discusses how Star Wars has changed the world, impacted fans, and their creations.


All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Aug 3, 2018
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As summer come to a close, our gardens are abundant with fruits and vegetables ready to be cooked. Join guest host Clare Roth as she learns what Columbus chefs do with this produce and what new restaurants are coming to the city.


All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

Jul 27, 2018
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“Urinetown: the Musical” hit the broadway stage in 2011. It’s a satirical comedy that comments on the legal system, capitalism, and more.  Greg Kotis came up with the idea for this musical when he was on a trip through Europe and found a toilet you had to pay to use.  


All Sides Weekend: Costumes In Film

Jul 20, 2018
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Costuming has been an integral part of film and history with many designers coming and going over the years. From silent films to color pictures, the impact costuming has had on film is far reaching.