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John McGory in Wuhan, China, where he had been teaching for several years.
John McGory / Facebook

A teacher from Westerville has completed his time in quarantine after returning from China. /

AI Now, a New York University research institute, released a report airing concerns about the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, such as integration within everyday life. 

AI Now published 10 recommendations, including government regulation of  AI facial recognition and truthful advertisement of this technology.  

Coming up, safety concerning AI, computers fitting clothes and more.

Winter Stargazing With Tom Burns

Dec 27, 2018
Stars in the winter.
Timothy Boocock / Flickr Creative Commons

Winter can be cold, rainy and cloudy, but when the night sky is clear, the months of December and January are among the best for stargazing.

So grab your jacket, hat and gloves and head outside for a rare show.

Today on All Sides, find out which star constellations are most visible in clear winter night skies.


The Influence of Female Rockers

Dec 25, 2018
JBLM MWR / Flickr

Female rockers dating back to the 1950s have made an indelible impact on rock-and-roll.

That’s the subject of radio personality Meredith Ochs new book “Rock-and-Roll Woman: The 50 Fiercest Female Rockers.” From Annie Lennox and Joan Jett, to St. Vincent and Brixton’s Goat Girl, women have redefined the genre that hasn’t been easy for them to excel in.

Today on All Sides, female rockers throughout history.


Political Junkie Ken Rudin

Dec 20, 2018

The government isn’t shutting down anytime soon.   The Senate passed a short-term spending bill yesterday to keep the government funded through February, avoiding a partial shutdown set to take effect just before Christmas.  And the Federal Reserve announced yesterday it’d be raising interest rates again for the fourth straight year.  Today on All Sides, we make sense of it all with longtime political journalist and host of the Political Junkie Podcast, Ken Rudin.  

Wellness Wednesday: Joint Surgery, Cookie Dough And More

Dec 19, 2018
Clara / Wikimedia Commons

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning last week urging people not to eat unbaked cookie dough, which contains bacteria, such as E. coli, and can make you sick.

More than 60 people across the U.S. were sickened with E. coli from raw flour in 2016, according to the CDC's most recent statistics.

Today on All Sides, seasonal food-borne illnesses and more on Wellness Wednesday.


Your phone tracks your location. 

That's not new information. But what these companies do with this data is the subject of a new New York Times investigation. 

Tech companies that collect users' location turn around and sell it to advertisers for targetted marketing. 

Today on All Sides, how to stop apps from tracking your location, Ohio’s autonomous bus  and more.

A new 20,000-seat stadium for the Columbus Crew SC is being proposed for the Arena District.
City Of Columbus

The city will kick in $50 million for site development and infrastructure, while the Crew’s current home at MAPFRE Stadium is set to become a community sports park.

Today on All Sides, the development for both sites and how the city is financing it.



Winter is almost here and so is norovirus, the leading cause of stomach illness in the U.S.


Often mistaken for salmonella or the flu, norovirus can survive on surfaces for days, but there are ways to prevent the stomach bug this season.


Today on Wellness Wednesday, norovirus prevention, how to relax with yoga and more.

Another Year Of Turmoil For Columbus Board Of Education

Dec 12, 2018
East High School in Columbus
Columbus Neighborhoods / WOSU

Mary Jo Hudson announced last week she will be stepping down from Columbus City Schools Board of Education at the end of December. 

In her letter of resignation, Hudson cited a litany of issues that suggest a board in disarray without strong leadership.

Today on All Sides, we talk about the troubles and what they suggest about the future.

Columbus Crew / Facebook

The Columbus Crew is getting a new stadium in the Arena District.


During an event Thursday, December 6 at Land Grant Brewing, Columbus leaders and #SaveTheCrew advocates announced that the 20,000-seat stadium would sit on 33 acres originally intended for a downtown casino.


The city of Columbus and Franklin County announced it would put $50 million each toward investment in the team and infrastructure.


Today on All Sides, the Columbus Crew, city council, and the lame duck session. 


Ohio will become the first state in the U.S. to permit taxes to be paid in bitcoin. Companies from around the state are now able to use cryptocurrency to pay a variety of taxes, from tobacco sales to public utilities.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency to be accepted by the state.

Today on All Sides, Ohio accepting bitcoin for tax payments, net neutrality status and more.

The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.

General Motors announced plans last week to end production at five of its North American plants, including one in Lordstown in Mahoning Valley.

In the wake of GM’s announcement, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown sought support from President Trump for legislation that would give customers a discount on American-made cars and stop tax breaks for automakers that move jobs overseas.

Today on All Sides, we discuss the Lordstown closer and more.

A view from the surface of Mars from NASA's Mars Lander.
NASA / Twitter

NASA’s InSight lander has officially landed on Mars to study the giant red planet’s deep interior and how it formed.

It’s a mission nearly seven months in the making but there are still concerns that Mars’ thin air could melt the lander.

Today on All Sides, we discuss the NASA’s InSight lander, the best apps for kids and more.

Mark Zuckerberg speaking at Facebook event.
Brian Solis / Flickr

Following a New York Times investigation into Facebook’s knowledge of Russian hacking, the tech giant is yet again in hot water. Facebook failed to disclose its knowledge of security breaches from Russian-linked accounts during the 2016 election. And when faced with backlash after the scandal started, the companies hired a firm from Washington, Definers Public Affairs, to discredit critics.

Today on All Sides, Facebook’s latest scandal, safety while online shopping and more on Tech Tuesday.