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Niraj Antani
Niraj Antani / Ohio House

For the first two days of October, Columbus City Schools called off classes due to heat. A big part of the problem? Many of its facilities are not equipped with air conditioning.

Columbus City Schools District Office.
Nick Evans / WOSU

The early fall heat wave engulfing Central Ohio has pushed Columbus City Schools to cancel classes Tuesday.

Even after a $340,000 update to its cupola in 2018, West High School still doesn't have central air conditioning.
Debbie Holmes / WOSU

A mid-September heatwave in Central Ohio has made it difficult for some students to concentrate in class.  While many suburban districts boast air-conditioning throughout, about 30 Columbus school buildings lack a central cooling system.

Dublin Scioto High School

Ohio would have to study which of its schools have air conditioning, safety measures and certain other building features under a state lawmaker's proposal to direct some school construction money specifically for those purposes.

This hour, we're discussing what could often be unforeseen costs of keeping cool. From the billions that are being spent abroad in Afghanistan, to other issues that air conditioning causes here in the United States, air conditioning has a greater impact on the economy and environment than we may initially think. We'll explore the energy cost of air conditioning— and whether it is sustainable. Guests: