State Fair Bans Bird From States Fighting Avian Flu Outbreak

May 15, 2015
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Officials say poultry from states where a deadly bird flu virus has surfaced won't be permitted at this year's Ohio State Fair.

Demolition Crews Make Way For New State Fairgrounds Center

May 11, 2015
Ohio State Fair
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Demolition is set to start this week to make way for a 100,000-square-foot multipurpose center at the state fairgrounds in Columbus.

Farm Runoff and Ohio's Waterways

May 9, 2014

10:00 Ann and her guests are live this hour from the Chadwick Arboretum Plant Sale! Spring is when local farms kick into high gear, but the runoff from fertilizers can create big problems for Ohio's waterways. Just last year, some of Ohio's beaches were closed due to high algae levels. We'll talk about how industries and individuals can embrace lower-impact agriculture. Guests

Modern Rural Renewal

Mar 28, 2013

11:00 Although only about twenty percent of Americans live in rural communities, the health of these communities is vital to the health of the nation. The Obama administration recently laid out a revitalization plan to modernize rural areas while preserving their ecology. In this hour of All Sides, we'll discuss the makings of a vital rural community, and what it takes to preserve this way of life. Guests

Barn Preservation in Ohio

Sep 22, 2010

Preserving Ohio’s historic barns for agricultural and adaptive re-use, with Timber Framers Guild executive director Joel McCarty, Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation Department director Tim Maloney, Friends of Ohio Barns president Ric Beck, and Preservation Trades Network executive director Rudy Christian.

Toxic algae is poisoning Grand Lake St. Marys. What can be done to make the water safe for recreation and fishing?

Animal Welfare Issues in Ohio

Jul 7, 2010

Changes to livestock care standards, proposed legislation to ban puppy mills and increase penalties for cockfighting, with Columbus Dispatch statehouse reporter Alan Johnson, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation executive vice president Jack Fisher, U.S. Humane Society president/CEO Wayne Pacelle and senator Jim Hughes of the 16th Ohio Senate District .

Food Production in Ohio

Apr 21, 2010

Two points of view about food production in Ohio and the U.S., and issues raised by the documentary film “Food, Inc.,â€? with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Center for Food and Animal Issues vice president Michael Bumgarner and Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association executive director Carol Goland.

Local Chefs Cook Local Food

Apr 15, 2010

Local chefs using local food, with Local Matters executive director Michael Jones, Wayward Seed Farm owner and farmer Adam Welly and Rigsby’s Kitchen co-proprietor and local celebrity chef for WOSU’s “Chefs in the Cityâ€? Kent Rigsby.

Ohio State Hopes to Increase Awareness of Agriculture College

Mar 30, 2010

Governor Ted Strickland visited Ohio State yesterday to help introduce a plan he hopes will increase university enrollment and expand economic growth.

The plan is part of a 10-year strategy to expand college curriculum that focus on Ohio's most successful industries. Strickland said the plan will increase opportunities for students and create Ohio jobs.

"It's an effort to increase Ohioans access to higher education and to increase our ability to use university research to spur economic development across our state," Strickland said.

A movement to build a sustainable food system that nourishes our bodies and our environment, with farmer and author Joel Salatin; and the OSU Wexner Center for the Arts’ documentary film series about the food industry and our relationship with food, with Wexner Film/Video curator Dave Filipi.

State Issue #2, a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board that would regulate care for livestock and poultry, with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Center for Food and Animal Issues vice president Mike Bumgarner and Ohio Environmental Council Agricultural programs director Joe Logan.

Food Safety in the U.S.

Oct 13, 2009

Concerns about food safety in the U.S.: national and local food production systems, and how consumers can protect themselves, with Ohio Grocers Association president/CEO Tom Jackson, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association organic education program coordinator Mike Anderson and Consumers Union Food policy initiatives director Jean Halloran.

Ohio's Rural Voters Play Big Role In Political Contests

Sep 25, 2006

Ohio is awash in politics this fall as the Republican party works to hold onto majorities at the statehouse and in congress. Democrats are working just as hard to gain more political clout in Columbus and Washington. While most votes will come from urban and suburban areas on November 7th, rural Ohio counties could play political king-maker, especially in close races.

Buckeye Egg Wraps Up Appeal Before State Commission

Aug 27, 2003

The state says Buckeye Egg Farm is fighting an order to shut down despite abundant evidence it polluted the environment. Assistant Attorney General Margaret Malone told the Environmental Review Appeals Commission today that the company's appeal of the state's order ignores numerous documented rules violations. The commission heard closing arguments from both sides today. A spokesman for the attorney general says a decision could take weeks.