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State regulators have denied AEP’s plan to charge ratepayers a fee for what would be the largest solar project in Ohio. The decision came down to whether electric customers needed the power plant in order to justify the additional cost to electric bills.

Pumpjacks operating in the western edge of California's Central Valley northwest of Bakersfield on June 12, 2017.
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Thousands of acres of the new Jesse Owens State Park in eastern Ohio may still be drilled for oil and natural gas.

Ohio Adds 31,000 Acres To Planned Jesse Owens State Park

Oct 3, 2019
Jesse Owens
Ohio State University

Ohio continues to acquire the lands that could eventually make up a nearly 60,000-acre state park in four Appalachian counties.

One of Ohio’s largest electric companies, AEP, is weighing in on the bill that would create credits for energy sources that do not produce carbon emissions while also eliminating an existing fee on ratepayers. 

The Smart Columbus Experience Center in downtown Columbus helps promote electric vehicles.
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An electric vehicle charging station sits at the corner of City Hall and LeVeque Tower Garage in downtown Columbus. This afternoon, it's empty.

The panel of state regulators that reviews utility rates will soon have a new leader who has a history of opposing renewable energy issues. This is causing concerns for supporters of a proposed solar farm from AEP. 

Opponents of American Electric Power’s renewable energy project say the proposal to build new wind and solar farms in Highland County would result in an unnecessary subsidy with customers footing the bill.

AEP Will Send Customers Some Savings From Federal Tax Cut

Oct 4, 2018
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Ohio utility regulators have approved an agreement returning proceeds of the federal tax cut to customers of Columbus-based AEP.

State energy regulators are looking over a new plan, proposed by AEP, that would allow the utility company to increase rates on customer electric bills. 

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On Thursday afternoon, employees at AEP headquarters test-drove some of the latest electric car models on the market as a way to promote the corporation's latest undertaking: installing hundreds of electric charging stations throughout Columbus.

A Cheshire, Ohio resident sits on her porch to talk about the buyout of the town.

The story of a small town along the Ohio River being bought out by a large electric utility is now being told on the big screen. The documentary examines the buyout and the residents effected by pollution.

Columbus based utility, American Electric Power, has agreed to sell four of its power plants; 3 in Ohio to private-equity firms.


A spokesman for the state Emergency Management Agency says damage was reported at a mobile home park and other sites across four northwest Ohio counties after storms that spurred multiple twisters in Indiana moved across the state line.


Nearly 2,000 homes and businesses in Lancaster are without power because of an issue with a substation there. 

Ohio’s largest energy companies are trying to figure out what they’re going to do with their coal power plants as they navigate through a vital time in the utilities industry. For the final installment of his three-part series, Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow explores the different paths those utilities can take and what that means for Ohioans who pay to keep the lights on.