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Women In Prison

Jun 14, 2019

Incarceration rates have been decling-but not for women. The number of women in U.S prisons has increased since 1990, making rate of incarceration for women twice that of men.

This increase across the U.S and Ohio is accused to the opiod crisis which correelates to addiction-realted crimes. Still many women fight with addiction, mental and other health related issues.

Today on All Sides, the problem of women in prison and new solutions to respond.

A New Approach For Women In Prison

May 30, 2019
Paige Pfleger / WOSU

The number of women in U.S. prisons has more than doubled since 1990. And the rate of incarceration for women is twice that of men.

Much of the increase is in Ohio and across the country is blamed on the opioid crisis, which has spurred a surge in addiction-related crime. And many incarcerated women still struggle with addiction, mental and other health issues.

Today on All Sides, the problem of women in prison and new approaches to respond.  

Those devices and apps tracking the number of daily steps taken have become popular in the fitness industry. Users are encouraged to reach 10,000 steps a day.

However, this step goal isn’t based in science. 

Today on All Sides Wellness Wednesday, the 10,000 steps goal, a program helping the homeless in central Ohio and more. 

Ben Shirley's story is one of redemption. He'd been playing bass in bars, clubs and arenas in the Los Angeles area since he was 15 when he fell down a path of drugs and alcohol. Four bottles of vodka and $360 worth of heroin a day brought him down hard on Skid Row.

It was at the non-profit The Midnight Mission where Shirley turned his life around in 2011. Now, at 53, he's an undergrad in The San Francisco Conservatory of Music's program of Technology and Applied Composition. He debuted an original piece, "We Need Darkness to See the Stars," earlier this month.

The Blue Diamond Gallery

Today at 11am

In the wake of our nationwide opioid epidemic, scientists explain how addiction manifests in adults and complicates the lives of infants born from drug abusing parents. Then, a look at emerging technologies that will make diabetes screening easier, safer, and eliminate the need to draw blood.

Slot machines inside Hollywood Casino in Columbus.

In spite of having plenty of opportunities to gamble, Ohio has a rate of problem gambling that’s less than half the national rate of 2.2 percent, according to a study just released by the state. The state is still keeping an eye toward developing problems.

Terrace Place

Friday marks the grand opening of a new apartment complex that’s the result of a collaboration between the Community Housing Network and Ohio State University. Located near the university on East Ninth Avenue, Terrace Place provides a home to about 60 people who have struggled with addiction, mental illness and homelessness.

prescription drugs and money

A program announced last month to help children hurt by their parents' addictions is already expanding in Ohio.

Kali Gibbons sets out canvases and bright acrylic paints in the lunchroom at the Stella Maris recovery center on Monday afternoons. About a dozen men filter in, take a seat and grab a brush to paint.

“Knowing that art is something that can help others recover and it’s something that I can give to others, that’s why I do it,” she said.

Gibbons teaches art to school children four days a week. Monday is technically her day off, but she spends part of it at the Cleveland rehab center working with men battling addiction.

Akron's St. Thomas Hospital was the first in the world to admit alcoholics for treatment. That was in the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A doctor carrying on that tradition at that hospital today has an inside understanding of what it takes to get sober. On this Week’s Exploradio, Dr. Nicole Labor shares her insights on treating addiction .

opioids and prescription medicine bottle

As the number of opioid-related deaths in Ohio remains high, the number of prescriptions dropped for the fourth straight year.  

The Kaiser Family Foundation says that in 2014, Ohio had the highest number of deaths from opiate overdoses in the U.S.

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Nine rural counties in Ohio have been awarded funds to help prevent underage drinking and reduce the misuse of prescription drugs among young people.


Baseball season is approaching, but there are safety tips you should know before hitting the diamond. This hour we will discuss common baseball injures, particularly when it comes to pitching. Also, how virtual reality might be able to help treat addiction. And, some of what can be expected at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend. 

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Art Schlichter, the great OSU quarterback whose gambling addiction and criminal activity landed him in prison, swindled more than 50 people of millions of dollars in a sports-ticket scheme. He was in recovery and trying to help others in 2009, but his struggle continued when he tested positive for cocaine use while on house arrest following his guilty plea in the ticket case. A new book describes one woman's experience with Schlichter and how he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her.