If you waited to plan your Labor Day getaway until this week you aren't alone. AAA Cincinnati says one reason is people want to see where the numbers for COVID-19 are lowest.

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Ohioans are paying more to fill up their vehicles compared to the same time of 2019.

New cars boast a wide range of high-tech safety features that promise to avoid accidents and make driving easier.

But manufacturers have also invented a wide range of names for those features — creating confusion for shoppers and renters who just want to know what a car can do.

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A record number of Ohioans are expected to travel this holiday weekend, according to AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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Gas prices in Ohio are up to begin what's expected to be a busy period of travel around the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Gas prices in Ohio are a couple of cents higher than a week ago and 15 cents higher than a month ago.

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Ohioans taking to the road for the Fourth of July holiday weekend will have lots of company.

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Ohio drivers head into the Thanksgiving week with gas prices dipping below the $2 mark.

Summer Months Deadliest For Teen Drivers

May 27, 2015
State Farm

AAA Ohio says the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the "100 deadliest days" for teen drivers.

We have a gas problem... According to AAA, for motorists in Northeast Ohio, the price of gas is currently 7.2 cents more than it was last week. Now, $3.906 per gallon is the going rate for self-serve, regular unleaded gasoline. The prices will undoubtedly affect individual pocketbooks, but what other services will be endangered as the price of transportation continues to raise? We'll talk about that and more, to find out how this gas problem affects Ohioans on more than just an individual level.