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2020 presidental elections

National Politics With Ken Rudin

Oct 17, 2019

Twelve Democratic presidential hopefuls took the stage at Otterbein University in Westerville on Tuesday. During the fourth debate, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is climbing in the polls, was the primary target. 

Topics ranged from impeachment to healthcare to economic inequality.

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher: political journalist Ken Rudin, host of Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie podcast talks national politics. 



Democratic Debate Recap

Oct 16, 2019
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, left, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., center and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg speak during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by CNN/New York Times at Otterbein University.
John Minchillo / AP

Last night, Democratic presidential hopefuls took the stage at Otterbein University for the fourth democratic debate.

For three hours, candidates touched on topics such as impeachment, Kurdish troops, wealth and more.

Today on All Sides, we look at the major takeaways from the Democratic debate.

Political Junkie Ken Rudin

Jun 20, 2019
L Allen Brewer / Flickr

President Trump officially launched his reelection campaign on Tuesday with a rally in Orlando, Florida. He raised almost $25 million in 24 hours expanding the fundraising gap between him and Democratic front runners. The closest Democratic contender in dollars and cents is Sen. Bernie Sanders with just over $20 million total. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats are fighting for recognition in crowded candidate pool. They’ll meet on the debate stage next Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27. 

Today on All Sides, a conversation with Ken Rudin, host of the Political Junkie podcast, about the 2020 presidential race, House oversight and more. 

Tech Tuesday: Doctored Videos

Jun 4, 2019

A doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi garnered some 2.8 million views on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platform before screeners caught the hoax.

YouTube removed some of the doctored versions, but Facebook has not.

The story prompts questions about how social media will handle altered footage for the 2020 election cycle.

Today on Tech Tuesday on All Sides, how videos are altered and why it matters.