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2019 election

John Minchillo / Associated Press

Voters at the Whetstone Recreation Center were waiting in line for nearly an hour Tuesday morning while poll workers wrangled with new voting machines.

Secretary LaRose (right) showing a resident the new machine at National Church Residences in Columbus.
Nick Evans / WOSU

Franklin County will use new voting machines for Tuesday’s primary election, setting up a kind of dress rehearsal for the 2020 presidential election.

Ohio I Voted Stickers
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With the May primary set for Tuesday, some Ohioans might be thinking about switching political parties to cast a ballot for a friend who is running for office or have a say in more interesting, contested races. However before doing that, voters need to think about the possible repercussions.

John Minchillo / Associated Press

Off-year elections don't often get a lot of attention from voters. Even less notice is paid to primary elections in an off-year. But Ohio voters will decide on many significant issues on May 7, in addition to selecting the candidates that will campaign through November.

Mayor Ginther describing the city's One Linden Plan during an interview with Tracy Townsend of WBNS-TV at the Columbus Metropolitan Club.
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Columbus officials are asking voters to sign off on $50 million in new borrowing for affordable housing. But voters will have to decide before a specific spending plan is in place.

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Tuesday was the first day of early voting for the May primary, which means Monday was the last day to register to vote. Even though turnout in off-year primaries is especially low, some people may find they've been eliminated from the voter rolls.

John Minchillo / Associated Press

Technically, Columbus city elections are non-partisan, but both major parties usually put up slates of candidates for mayor and city council. Not so this year: No Republicans are running for a municipal office.

That means Democrats like Mayor Andrew Ginther are virtually assured re-election.

Mayor Andrew Ginther files for re-election at the Franklin County Board of Elections on Feb. 4, 2019.
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Mayor Andrew Ginther officially filed for re-election on Monday, ahead of the November 2019 mayoral election.

Franklin County is spending $12 million on new voting equipment, with the state of Ohio chipping in $10 million
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Franklin County voters can choose between touch screen machines and paper ballots for May's election.