11 am There’s nothing fun about food poisoning but it usually passes quickly-- sometimes with the help of a strong antibiotic. A new foreign strain has landed in the US and it’s not only nasty, but is also very contagious and drug resistant.  Coming up, ways to avoid this harmful bacteria and a closer look at how France is attempting to battle against anorexia. Guests


The way a doctor conveys bad news can have a lasting impact on a patient, both physically and mentally. But all too often, physicians set the wrong tone delivering a diagnosis. This hour: how to train doctors in clinical empathy, and why an MD’s sense of compassion matters to your health. We also look at a new safety app, and models for dealing with mental illness, including the Clubhouse model of community and work-based support.


Changes in Sex Education

Mar 12, 2015

10am In the Canadian province of Ontario, new sex education guidelines have caused a furor. What is it about sex education that makes controversy inevitable? From sexual assault to trans politics, we’ll look at how sex education is changing--or not--with the times. Guests

11 am

A symbol of both purity and passion, perhaps no flower is as glorified as the rose. Flower breeders around the world have created thousands of hybridized species. But at one time, the act of cross-pollination was akin to playing God. We'll discuss the colorful story of the innovators who pioneered scientific discovery and oversaw the birth of modern botany.


Preventing Veteran Suicide

Mar 5, 2015

11 am

The blockbuster "American Sniper" may have stolen headlines, but another military film won big on Oscar night. The documentary short: "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1" chronicles the traumas endured by veterans, twenty-two of whom commit suicide every day. We'll discuss the film and how to prevent tragedy when soldiers return home.


10 am

Governor Kasich wants to reduce the cost of public college tuition, and has promised to "take an ax" to the schools that fail to lower student costs. Average student debt is almost $30,000, and Kasich has formed a task force to find ways to reduce the burden. We'll discuss where tuition money goes, and if it's possible to fund education more economically.


The latest recording by violinist Anne Akiko Meyers features a mainstay of the violin repertoire in Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto, a world-premiere in of a concerto written for her by Mason Bates, and a short piece to help her daughter sleep written by composer John Corigliano, a Pulitzer, Grammy, and Academy Award winner.

Ohio's Medicaid director says roughly 61,000 residents on the federal-state health program are poised to lose their coverage the end of this week. Director John McCarthy said Thursday the beneficiaries face disenrollment Saturday after failing to verify their Medicaid eligibility as required by the federal government. Federal law requires state Medicaid programs to "redetermine" eligibility for recipients on an annual basis. The process was on hold in Ohio for a year as the federal health care law was implemented and as the state moved to a new computer system.

Central Ohios Real Estate Market Analysis

Feb 27, 2015

10 am The decreased number of foreclosures in Ohio since January of this year signals a positive  growth for the housing market. In this hour, we will take a look at the real estate market in central Ohio, and whether the housing market will make a strong comeback for this year. Guests

  • Todd Helpbringer, President of Helpbringer Mortgage Services
  • Robb Vogt, Real estate analyst based in Columbus

Evelyn Glennie and The Winnipeg Symphony on Classical Showcase

Feb 26, 2015

The next Classical Showcase Friday evening at 7 on Classical 101 features the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in a program that reflects Canadian culture and the Manitoba province in particular.  This concert is part of the Spring for Music Series at Carnegie Hall in New York City that we've been presenting this past month. Alexander Mikelthwate conducts three U. S. premiers in this concert.  Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie is the soloist for The Shaman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra by Vincent Ho.

Governor Kasich's State of the State 2015

Feb 25, 2015

10am Governor Kasich delivered his 2015 State of the State address in Wilmington last night. The governor  focused on education, taxes, and programs to deal with poverty and unemployment. This hour, we take a look at the speech itself and at the policies that the governor is working on. Guests

Columbus Adds 'Sister City' In West Africa

Feb 20, 2015

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says he wants to build closer trade and cultural ties to Africa. During his state of the city speech, Coleman announced Columbus will form a 'Sister City partnership with Accra, Ghana.

11 am The annual Academy Awards honor the actors, actresses, and directors who've lit up the silver screen over the past year. In this hour, we will discuss the behind-the-scenes professions that are not always acknowledged for their work in the film industry. Guests

State of the City Panel

Feb 19, 2015

10am In advance of Mayor Coleman's State of the City speech, our panel will take a look at the issues facing central Ohio. Where is Columbus, and where is it going? We look at Franklinton, local small businesses in Columbus, public transit, and the place of Columbus in the national landscape. Guests

11 am

Recently, doctors have re-branded what used to be called chronic fatigue syndrome. Coming up this hour, what’s in a name for those who suffer from what is now called a disease. Plus, the science on the consumption of cholesterol has shifted.