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The symphonic repertoire is vast and varied, from sprawling symphonies to elegant miniatures and everything in between. Brilliant conductors, powerful orchestras and groundbreaking composers — favorite works and new discoveries. Explore the world of the symphony every Thursday night at 7 on Symphony Showcase, right here on Classical 101.

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black-and-white photo of a young Leonard Bernstein at a piano, marking a score
Al Ravenna / Library of Congress

If all you know of Leonard Bernstein is the thrilling music from West Side Story, you’re in for an eye-opening summer.

Bernstein was a groundbreaking composer, conductor, mentor and educator. At a time when classical music was often spoken of in measured, reverent tones, Bernstein was passionate, outspoken and sometimes controversial.

Analyzing Leonard Bernstein's Joyful Conducting

Jun 7, 2018
Paul de Hueck / The Leonard Bernstein Office Inc.

Conducting is both art and science