Stories for the Ages

  • Hosted by John Schuster

Aging – everybody’s doing it – and Columbus author, coach and educator John Schuster wants to help you approach the process in a productive and healthy way.

Stories for the Ages explores the process of aging from all angles.  We'll take a dynamic look at how to handle the changes in life that come after retirement when living situations change and wisdom gained throughout life comes to fruition. 

Ways to Connect

Retirement means letting go of busy lifestyles and unlearning some habits, but also provides the opportunity for learning, playfulness, transcendence and spiritual reflection. 

In the final podcast of this mini series, we discuss retirement, the aging process and the journey of self-reflection from a spiritual perspective.

The stories in this podcast highlight the freedom that comes later in life – freedom to choose activities that fit your personality at the time when heavy work commitments end.

It illustrates how uniquely we each go about the task of ripening into age, and how beautiful it can be for each of us.

No amount of positive thinking can take away the work of aging.

Adaptations to less energy and loss of friends are ever necessary, and we must creatively spend the time that was once filled by family and career roles that kept us happily occupied.

Much can be learned, retired or not retired, from a former hospital executive and a very un-retired university chancellor turned CEO, still in the thick of the action. 

The debut episode of the Stories for the Ages podcast celebrates the friendships and relationship possibilities that come with aging.

An expert and an active octogenarian shares the stories and principles for creating and maintaining relationships that matter in the elder years. 

Coming Soon: Stories for the Ages

Dec 19, 2017

Everyone is getting older, but that doesn’t mean personal development has to stop. How do we keep growing as we age, even into our later years?

Local life coach, author and educator John Schuster takes a look at aging. Throughout the series we'll explore how to have purpose, age tough, grow old, have a spiritual life and have some fun along the way.