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Marvel Comics and Civil Rights

16 hours ago
marvelousRoland / Flickr

Marvel Comics’ co-creator Stan Lee passed away in November, leaving behind not only an iconic company, but stories with strong messages about discrimination and bigotry.

Much of Lee’s inspiration came from the civil rights struggles of the sixties. He created characters and worlds meant to embody some of the realities that minorities faced.

Today on All Sides, how American culture influenced comic book creator Stan Lee.

Columbus Crew / Facebook

The Columbus Crew is getting a new stadium in the Arena District.


During an event Thursday, December 6 at Land Grant Brewing, Columbus leaders and #SaveTheCrew advocates announced that the 20,000-seat stadium would sit on 33 acres originally intended for a downtown casino.


The city of Columbus and Franklin County announced it would put $50 million each toward investment in the team and infrastructure.


Today on All Sides, the Columbus Crew, city council, and the lame duck session. 

All Sides Weekend: Chefs In The City

Dec 7, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Today at 11 a.m.

​If you plan on dining out this holiday season, the time to get your reservations in is now.

Today on All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City, we'll talk tips and recommendations for dining out during the holidays.

Water Quality in Rural Ohio

Dec 7, 2018
Enid Martindale / Flickr

In many rural cities across the U.S., residents don’t have access to clean water. Lead, pesticides, and other chemicals continue contaminate wells and public water systems.

Ohio isn’t the exception. Rural towns throughout the Midwest and Appalachia have struggled to provide clean water for years, unable to strike a balance between regulating pollutants from farming and fixing broken infrastructure.

Today on All Sides, water quality in rural Ohio.

Public Transportation And Equality

Dec 6, 2018
COTA bus in downtown Columbus

Buses, trains, light rails and more.

Last year, Americans took about 10 billion trips on public transportation. According to the American Public Transportation Association, public transportation has increased across the country since the mid-90s.

Despite these increases, minorities and low-income communities still face hardships to accessing reliable and robust public transportation, which perpetuate economic hardships.

Coming up, the relationship between communities and public transportation


Urban Meyer Stepping Down

Dec 6, 2018
Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer
Michael Conroy / Associated Press

After a seven-year run as the head football coach at Ohio State, Urban Meyer will be stepping down after the team’s final game on January 1st.

Meyer cited health issues and his suspension earlier this year as reasons for his transition out of coaching.

Today on All Sides, Meyer’s decision and the legacy he leaves behind at OSU.

Holiday Cooking, Turkey And More

Dec 5, 2018

Water, salt, bay leaves, and spices is all you need to brine a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Brining is a key component of Thanksgiving preparation, as is the stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Today on All Sides, holiday cooking, new recipes and old favorites. 

Is a Recession Coming?

Dec 5, 2018
Alexander Baxevanis / Flickr

Economists have warned about the possibility of another recession happening in the near future.

While the unemployment rate continues to drop, fears still remain over the readiness of Ohio’s unemployment compensation fund, which pays jobless benefits to laid-off workers.

Today on All Sides, we consider what happens when the next recession hits.


Ohio will become the first state in the U.S. to permit taxes to be paid in bitcoin. Companies from around the state are now able to use cryptocurrency to pay a variety of taxes, from tobacco sales to public utilities.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency to be accepted by the state.

Today on All Sides, Ohio accepting bitcoin for tax payments, net neutrality status and more.

Ohio Constitution

Dec 4, 2018

Following the vote on Issue One in the most recent midterms, state politicians are looking to change how residents can amend the constitution.

House Joint Resolution 19 aims to make passage of measures like November’s Issue 1, the legalization of recreational marijuana, and others more difficult, increasing the voter approval to 60 percent.

While all of this is happening, an exhibit of the original state constitution is on display at the Ohio Statehouse.

Today on All Sides, changes to the Ohio Constitution and its history.

Holiday Cookie Show

Dec 3, 2018
Deborah Lee Soltesz / Flickr

Join us today on All Sides with Ann Fisher for our Annual Holiday cookie show, where we talk with local bakers about everything you need to know to make your favorite holiday treats.

The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.

General Motors announced plans last week to end production at five of its North American plants, including one in Lordstown in Mahoning Valley.

In the wake of GM’s announcement, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown sought support from President Trump for legislation that would give customers a discount on American-made cars and stop tax breaks for automakers that move jobs overseas.

Today on All Sides, we discuss the Lordstown closer and more.

All Sides Weekend: Arts

Nov 30, 2018
Wexner Center for the Arts
Wikipedia Commons

Join guest host Christopher Purdy as we discuss the arts scene in Columbus. 

Paul Sutter and Your Place in the Universe

Nov 30, 2018
NASA / Wikimedia Commons

What are we part of that is roughly 93 billion light years in diameter and expanding?

The universe. 

In his new book “Your Place in the Universe: Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence,” Ohio State astrophysicist Paul Sutter breaks down the vastness for earthlings. 

Today on All Sides, our place in the universe with Paul Sutter.

Disability Representation

Nov 29, 2018
Baby in crib
Paul Goyette / Wikimedia Commons

In central Ohio, minority representation within the special needs community is lacking.

One out of every four black people in central Ohio is affected by Down Syndrome, and only about twenty percent of those affected are engaged in the community at the Down Syndrome Association.

So why the lack of diversity, and how is this impacting minorities that have disabilities?

Today on All Sides, disability representation.