Youngstown Company Makes Glasses That Could Protect Your Eyes From Late-Night Phone Habits

Apr 13, 2018

Plenty of research shows that looking at your phone before bed could be ruining your sleep.

Joe Petrolla is the co-founder and owner of Bluwinx, a new company in Youngstown producing glasses to protect your eyes and sleeping habits.

"With the advent of flat screens, the blue light emitted from the flat screens is very similar to the sunlight," says Petrolla. "So, your eyes, your brain can’t tell the difference between sunlight and the blue light emitted from your cellphones, tablets, computers, and even your energy-efficient light bulbs."

Petrolla says Bluwinx lenses filter that blue light.

He says the light affects the body’s circadian rhythm, the biological process that energizes you during the day and makes you tired at night.

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