You Can Join a Musical Sit-in

Apr 6, 2015

Now, before you start drawing up protest signs because your favorite ensemble plays too much Johann Strauss or not enough Stockhausen, let me clarify.

Now there is a way you can sit in with a group of professional musicians and play Mozart, Dvorak, and more. There’s no need to get your formal wear out of storage, however. This is something you can do in your own home.

It’s called You can play any part, slow it down so you can work on a tough passage, loop a section, and listen back to your performance. This might be the perfect answer for someone who is trying to brush off an instrument and begin getting back into shape. Or maybe you have an upcoming performance and simply want to play your part in context.

I would be interested in hearing from musicians as to how effective a program like this can be, how useful it is to a professional, and if music teachers feel it would be a helpful adjunct for students between live lessons.

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