Yellow Springs Filmmakers Win Oscar For 'American Factory' Documentary

Feb 10, 2020

The Netflix film about the Dayton auto glass plant run by a Chinese company was honored with The Oscar for best feature-length documentary.

The documentary from Yellow Springs filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, American Factory follows the rebirth and transformation of the former General Motors Assembly plant in Moraine into Chinese-owned Fuyao Glass America. It explores many issues, including the rights of workers, globalization and automation.

The documentary is the first to be picked up by former President Barack Obama’s and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions.

Barack Obama congratulated the filmmakers on Sunday “for telling such a complex, moving story."

The name of the Obamas' company, Higher Ground, flashes by in the opening credits, but the Obamas themselves aren't mentioned anywhere. “American Factory” beat out “Honeyland,” “The Cave,” “The Edge of Democracy” and “For Sama.”