Workers' Comp Officials Propose Big Rebates For Ohio Employers

Mar 14, 2017

Many businesses around the state could soon be getting a big rebate from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

More than 200,000 employers might get rebates from the BWC, totaling more than $1 billion.

According to the bureau, most rebates will be about 66 percent of what the employer paid in workers’ comp premiums last year.

Republican Senate President Larry Obhof of Medina believes this rebate on top of declining workers’ comp costs are making the state more attractive to businesses.

“It should be a big boost for the year for Ohio’s employers," Obhof says, "and this is just the latest step in our move toward making Ohio the most business-friendly state in the country.”

As for now, the rebates are just a proposal being made the BWC board, but these kinds of rebate have been approved in the past with widespread support.