William Husel Denies Intentionally Ending Patient's Life With Painkiller Dose

Mar 5, 2019

William Husel, the fired Mount Carmel doctor accused of ordering “excessive” painkillers for dozens of patients, is denying he negligently or intentionally prescribed drugs to end a woman's life.

The response is part of a court filing seeking dismissal of a lawsuit against Husel over the September death of 64-year-old Bonnie Austin. Among others defenses, his lawyer argues Husel is immune to the suit under state law.

Mount Carmel Health System fired Husel in December. At least 23 wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against Husel and the hospital, from the families of patients who died under his care. Husel's lawyers have sought to delay trials over the lawsuits, arguing that Husel can't testify

Mount Carmel found Husel ordered potentially fatal drug doses for 29 patients over several years. It says six more received excessive doses that weren't likely what caused their deaths.

At least 23 employees have so far been placed on administrative leave as part of the hospital’s internal investigation. The Ohio Department of Health is investigating the hospital on behalf of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, while the Franklin County Prosecutor is looking into possible criminal charges against Husel.

Husel's medical license remains suspended by the Ohio Medical Board. A hearing with Husel is scheduled for July.