What Do You Want To Know About Ohio's Next Election?

Mar 14, 2019

Off-year elections don't often get a lot of attention from voters. Even less notice is paid to primary elections in an off-year. But Ohio voters will decide on many significant issues on May 7, in addition to selecting the candidates that will campaign through November.

WOSU's Curious Cbus project wants your questions about what's on the ballot and the larger issues at stake in the next election.

In Columbus, voters will decide on a $1 billion bond package that includes $50 million to develop affordable housing. New campaign finance limits are in place in 2019 for municipal races, but City Council vacancies won't be decided on by voters. Meanwhile, Republicans have forfeited city politics to Democrats.

The citizens of Whitehall approved a measure to extend term limits last election, and now the mayor and other city leaders are running for re-election to a third term.

Gahanna City Council is going back to voters with an income tax-hike proposal similar to the one that failed in the last election.

Meanwhile, the actual tools you use to vote will be changing, at least in Franklin County.

What are your questions about these topics, or other election-related issues in your community? Submit your questions through the form below.