What Are Your Lingering Questions About COVID-19 And Ohio's Response?

Feb 15, 2021

It's almost been a year since the coronavirus pandemic reached Ohio. WOSU is taking a look at what we've learned, what's changed and where we go from here.

WOSU's Curious Cbus project wants to hear from Ohioans: What are your lingering questions about COVID-19, the vaccines, or Ohio's pandemic response?

Since Ohio issued its statewide shutdown in March 2020 – closing schools, restaurants, offices, theaters and more – life has been slow to return to a sense of "normal." COVID-19 has killed some 16,000 Ohioans, and more than 1 million people have contracted the disease.

Even as the vaccine rollout ramps up, students return to classrooms and Ohio lifts some restrictions, state and health officials are calling on people to continue wearing face masks, keeping distance and following health precautions. Hundreds of thousands of people remain out-of-work, and many more are struggling with the economic and physical fallout of the last 11 months. It's still not clear what Ohio's path forward looks like.

As WOSU covers the year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to hear your thoughts. Do you have questions about the way Ohio is distributing the coronavirus vaccine, or about the return of students to schools? What do you want to know about how COVID-19 is affecting the state, and what the government is doing about it?

Is there something you're curious about, or a problem personally affecting you, that you haven't heard us address?

Tell us below, and WOSU may report the answer for a future story.