Wellness Wednesday: Food Safety, Kid's Head Injuries, Personality Types

Sep 19, 2018

Some chemicals in food packaging could be harmful to children, according to a new report from the American Academy Pediatrics.

The report highlights five chemical groups to watch out for while grocery shopping. Those are: bisphenols, phthalates, perchlorate and nitrates/nitrites.

Today on Wellness Wednesday, we discuss how to keep your kids safe from these chemicals, CDC head injury guidelines and more.


  • Julia Calderone, associate editor Health and Food, Consumer Reports 
  • Dr. Angela Lumba-Brown, pediatric emergency medicine specialist, Co-Director of the Stanford Concussion and Brain Performance Center, lead author of the guideline
  • William "Bill" Revelle, professor of psychology, Northwestern University Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, co-author of study