Voting Rights Groups Racing To Register Ohioans Before Deadline

Oct 1, 2019

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says 182,858 voter registrations were removed from the rolls in Ohio’s latest voter purge.

Many of the voters that were removed from the polls starting September 6 have died or moved out of state. But others are considered "inactive" because they haven't voted recently. LaRose says about 14,000 of those voters re-activated their status prior to the removal process.

Under a court settlement, voters living within the same county can vote provisionally even if their registrations were canceled.

About 20 different community groups and organizations hope they can find more people who have been removed from the rolls and register them in the next few days. Mike Brickner says his organization All Voting is Local contacted 100,000 voters via text message before the reset.

“We are going to start to go through who is now still on that removal list and see who is removed to see how effective that campaign was," Brickner says.

Jen Miller with the Ohio League of Women Voters says her group is also reaching out to removed voters but it’s running out of time.

“A week is just not a lot of time for any of our organizations to do outreach," Miller says.

The deadline to register to vote in this November's election is October 7. All Ohioans are urged to check their registration at