UPS Expands To Serve Columbus's Growing Industries

Nov 17, 2016

On Friday, UPS will break ground on a major expansion of its Columbus facility. UPS says construction is a results of the city's robust and growing industries.

Once the construction is completed in 2018, the Columbus UPS will be one of the larger locations in the country at 780,000 square feet. Seventy-five new positions will also be added to the staff of 1,800 workers.

Susan Rosenberg of UPS says what's driving this expansion are the Columbus companies in retail, healthcare and manufacturing, which are growing or have relocated to the area.

"Columbus has become very much a logistics cross roads for growing distribution across the Midwest," Rosenberg says.

She adds that the city's location also makes it ideal as a transit point for shipping goods across the country.

"It is the important role that Columbus plays in our network with that central Midwest location," Rosenberg says.

Once construction is complete, it will double the location's capacity, handling 63,000 packages per hour.