Third And Final Debate In Governor's Race Is Monday - Just Before Close Of Voter Registration

18 hours ago

The third and final debate between the major party candidates for governor gets underway Monday night in Cleveland. And it’s perfect timing – since voter registration closes tomorrow.

Watch the debate live on the Ohio Debate Commission's website.

This race is close, and that may be why Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray have had some tense moments in their previous two debates – like in the first debate, when DeWine said, “You’ve been a failure in every job you’ve ever had,” and Cordray said, “You have been living in the past, and you’re still living in the past.”

This event on the campus of Cleveland State University in front of an audience of 150 will be a timed roundtable debate, with questions from three journalists, some coming from submissions to the website of the new Ohio Debate Commission. While the event won’t be open to the public, it will air across the state live – two days before early voting starts.

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