Supporters Of Failed Issue 3 Will Still Push "Fresh Start Act"

Nov 9, 2015

Just days after voters rejected a plan to legalize marijuana in Ohio, the group behind it has gotten the green light to go ahead with another pot-related proposal.

The Secretary of State says ResponsibleOhio has gathered enough valid signatures to take its “Fresh Start” Act to state lawmakers.

ResponsibleOhio’s Ian James said it would allow for the scrubbing of records of non-violent marijuana offenses that will no longer be illegal if marijuana is legalized.

“You can’t leave people shackled to their past indiscretions when the inevitable legalization occurs, so we’re still committed to making sure that that happens,” James said.

James says he’s working with faith groups and social justice advocates on the proposed law.

Legislators have until May to adopt it or ResponsibleOhio will gather more signatures to take it to voters next year.