State Wants Broadband Available to All

Dec 17, 2007

Ohio's cable companies, phone companies, and state government are launching a joint project to make sure broadband internet access is available to all counties in the state.

Currently, some rural and Appalachian counties don't have high-tech lines that allow for quick access to the internet and the trasmission of huge amounts of video, sound, and data.

Governor Ted Strickland says the first goal of the project will be to draw maps of each area to see what services are available. And a second goal will be to get consumer input. S

eth Rosen of the Communications Workers of America says that could demonstrate to internet providers that there is indeed enough demand to warrant a costly expansion.

State government plans to spend nearly seven million dollars on the joint project over the next four years. Governor Strickland hopes there won't have to be a continuing state government subsidy....but he says the project does merit some taxpayer money because it could benefit families, schools, hospitals, businesses, and others across Ohio.