Special Election Program: State Issues 3 & 1 | WOSU Radio

Special Election Program: State Issues 3 & 1

Nov 2, 2011

11:00 If Ohioans pass State Issue 3, a clear message would be sent to Washington that a federal health mandate is too far-reaching. Even if a "yes" vote doesn't overturn the federal law, what could be the effects? Guests

  • Catherine Candisky (Reporter, Columbus Dispatch)
  • William Hayes (Representative, Coalition to Fight Issue 3)

11:40 Also on this hour, is it right to judge a judge based on his age? State law currently restricts judges from being re-elected or appointed after their 70th birthday. Passing Issue 1 would raise the age limit to 76. Guests

  • Guy Reece (Judge, Franklin County Common Pleas Court)
  • John Murphy (Executive Director, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association)