Sherrod Brown Not Favoring Any Presidential Candidate Yet

Apr 12, 2019

With nearly 20 candidates now vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) says he’s comfortable with his decision not to join the race.

It’s no surprise to Brown that so many candidates want to unseat President Trump, who Brown said has done a terrible job. Among the recently-announced candidates is fellow Ohioan Tim Ryan, the Democratic congressman from the Youngstown area. Ryan said he wanted to run in part because Brown didn’t.

But Brown is not saying who he’s supporting at this point.

“I welcome anybody in this race that wants to go out for a year and a half and make speeches and raise money and do whatever they do,” Brown says.

As far as his own decision not to run, Brown points to work he’s doing in the U.S. Senate to secure a tax cut for the working class. Brown and a group of Senate Democrats recently introduced a bill to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“I made the right choice by focusing my work in the Senate,” Brown says.

Brown wants to encourage candidates to see the country through the eyes of workers.