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Sen. Sherrod Brown Wins Re-Election Over Jim Renacci

Nov 6, 2018

Sen. Sherrod Brown has been declared the winner in Ohio's U.S. Senate race, defeating Republican challenger Rep. Jim Renacci.

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Brown, Ohio's Democratic Senator, won a third term in office pretty soon after polls closed. Brown's spokeswoman confirmed that Renacci called Brown to concede. The call was described as "short and cordial."

Republicans had a tough time trying to stop Brown. After Treasurer Josh Mandel dropped out of the field earlier this year, Renacci moved over from the governor race to challenge Brown. But Renacci trailed Brown in every poll leading up to Election Day.

Renacci and Brown disagreed on most everything, with the exception of trade with China. Renacci wanted to make the race about the economy, which is steadily growing, and the Republican tax reform measure he helped pass. Brown criticized those tax cuts for failing to benefit the middle class.

Thanks to President Trump, an enthusiastic backer of Renacci, immigration was a major topic in this race as well. Renacci supports most of Trump's proposals, such as building a U.S.-Mexico border wall and outlawing sanctuary cities, while Brown has spoken out against the Trump administration's policies on family separations at the border.

But like Ohio's other races, healthcare was a key issue. Brown supports the Affordable Care Act, and pointed out that Renacci voted multiple times to repeal the law, which would end protections for people with pre-existing conditions.