The ReDistricting Game Gives You the Power to Redraw the Lines

Dec 15, 2017
Originally published on December 19, 2017 8:52 am

From Dec. 18 though the 22nd, WKSU will take a look at the laws, calculus and politics that go into drawing Ohio's congressional maps -- and what changes may be coming.

Beyond partisan politics, there's a lot that goes into redrawing the lines of the country's 435 congressional districts every 10 years. Do you think you can do it?  Click on this link to the  interactive online game produced by the USC Annenberg Center to challenge yourself on drawing the political lines.

For more on the development of the game: 

Here's a preview of the redistricting stories coming up on WKSU:

  • Summit County: Four congressional districts and no member of Congress to call its own
  • Snakes, ducks and toilet bowls: How's Ohio shape its congressional districts?
  • How'd Ohio's most liberal town end up represented by one of the nation's most conservative congressmen?
  • Pressure builds to change how Ohio draws its map
  • Other states offer other models for Ohio
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